Guide to Battlejack – Tips, Cheats, and Strategies for Blackjack Domination

By | April 6, 2018

Battlejack is a new card-battling RPG for the iOS and Android platforms with a bit of a twist, which is that the battle system is essentially blackjack. Your goal is to build the best and strongest team, and to execute attacks by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over, beating your opponent in draws. You can get rare and epic characters and equipment, load up on skills and runes, and upgrade and evolve your team to make them as powerful as you can. Read on for some tips and tricks for Battlejack!

In battle, whether you draw again or stay should be decided by what your current number total is. 14 or less and you should draw, as more often than not you’ll stay under 21. 15-16 can be dicey, but there’s still enough of a chance of a low card. 17 and over, and you’re better off staying and launching your atttack. Don’t forget to use your character’s special abilities to launch powerful attacks without even having to mess with cards.

You need to level up your player level in order to keep your character upgrades high, so to level your player level up quickly, there are two things you can do. Do the “Enchanted Forest” events to get a ton of experience points. Or go back to any level that you have already beaten and auto-complete the level over and over and over.

The friend aspect of the game allows you to gain honor points and use a friend’s card in battle. When your friend list is full but new friend requests come in, check the level and the rarity of the hero of the person who sent the request. If it’s really strong, delete a weak friend whose card you always ignore or begrudgingly use. Constantly build up the strength of your team.

If you are in a guild and you want to make some gold off of the Golden Bugs, Diamond Dragons or Diamond Frogs, don’t sell them. Donate them to members of your guild. You will earn back the same amount of gold that you would have otherwise sold them for, and you’ll also earn guild points that can be spent in the guild’s shop.

If there is a healer in the battle party that you’re fighting against, get rid of them first. And if you bring a healer into battle with you (which you always should), then protect them because they are going to extend the life of everyone else on the board. Always carry a diverse cast of characters in your party, unless you’re doing an event where the enemy is all one element – then hoard the element that corresponds to all of the enemies.