Guide to Bayou Blast for Facebook: Tips, tricks, cheats, and strategies

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Bayou Blast is the latest in the ever growing line of Blast puzzle games for Facebook. Bayou Blast puts a new spin on the ‘connect three’ segment of games, in that unlike others, you have to use your mouse to trace a line that connects multiple jewels that are of the same color in order to clear them and earn points. You can only trace ones that are next to each other, but with these simple strategies, you can make gigantic combos and rack up six figure and even seven figure point totals during the quick time spans. Read on for the Bayou Blast tips and tricks.

To get the highest point total that you absolutely can, you have to create the biggest combos that you possibly can. To do this, you need to have a massive amount of the same colored block right next to each other. Early on in the game, you should pick one color to keep and one color to save so that you can mass eliminate later in the stage.

Eliminate every other color block to the maximum extent possible. You can even eliminate a string of just two blocks, unlike similar games which require you to eliminate at least three blocks at a time. Be quick about eliminating blocks though, because you will need to take a significant chunk of time to trace the long line between the huge string that you want to eliminate later.

When you get the bomb power up, this will enable you to massively quicken the pace of the game. What the bomb power up does is that instead of having to trace every block that you want to clear when you are trying to make a combo, you can simply click on one of the blocks in the cluster, and when you do that the entire cluster will get taken out. Use this trick to not only greatly speed up the game, but also of do the above trick much faster.

To do the above trick much more quickly, pick one color to keep and start eliminating all of the other colors. When you see a block of colors with the bomb in one of the blocks, though, save it for second to last. Once your big block of colors is ready, draw a line through the small block with the bomb in it. Then after you do that, simply click the big block and watch it explode. Now you will have all sorts of extra time left to eliminate blocks and rack up and even higher score.

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