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Guide to Big Win Basketball for iOS, part 2: More tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Welcome to part two of the tips and tricks guide to Big Win Basketball! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

As had been stated in the first article, when you are playing the trophy match ups, the players that you are matched up against will be based upon your own experience level (in the amateur leagues, that is). To hold back your own experience level intentionally while still making a good amount of money, it can be actually more beneficial to lose than to win. Do this by playing your weakest cards and playing no big impact cards, so that you have a much higher chance of losing. You still might win, just not as often. Do this only in quick game mode, though.

Also, as previously stated, you can set the time in the game ahead if you want to gain your energy back. To do this go to your phone’s settings and then change the time so that it’s an hour, 2 hours, or however much time you need ahead; just enough time so that you get your energy back. If you set the time back to normal after you do this, you will still keep the energy that you just got.

One of the best uses for this is in the Trophies mode, also. The more total games that you play, the more points that you score during Trophies mode (since scoring the highest amount of team points in the league is how you win Trophies mode).

Once your level starts getting higher and higher, if you then want to play against more teams with a lower and lower level, then ironically, switch from the amateur leagues to the pro leagues, since amateur leagues match you up by level and pro leagues match you up randomly. The higher your level gets, the more your chances increase of playing against a weaker team.