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Guide to Blood Brothers for iPhone and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Blood Brothers is a brand new iPhone card RPG (with elements of board game) by Mobage and DeNA for the iOS and Android OSes. In this game you play as a warlord who can summon mediums. Crystals are the world’s energy in this game, and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, the energy supply has been cut off, leading to mass warfare as everybody and everything struggles and fights to try to get their share of the crystals. Your warlord comes armed with all sorts of familiars, and ways to get more familiars. Read on for some tips and tricks for Blood Brothers!

When you play a number of quests, and you end up building a large collection of common Familiars, you can either keep them, enhance (or “blood brothers”) them, or if you have multiples of the same familiar, you can evolve them together in order to make a more powerful familiar. If you evolve two identical one star commons together, you get a two-star common. If you evolve a one star and a two star from the same family, you get a three-star common. If you evolve a three star and a one star from the same family, you get a four-star, whose type will change to uncommon.

The same is true for if you bind familiars that are already uncommon or even rare. They can always end up evolving into one class above, and if you have a familiar with a potential for four stars, its stats will usually take their big jump upwards right around the three star point, although the jump from three stars to four stars is another big one.

You’ll get more bloodmeals as you go by picking them up along the way so don’t worry too much if you run out. However, save your bloodmeals and use them wisely. Save them until you either have more than one enemy captive after a battle, or until you manage to capture an uncommon or rare enemy (or even better, both)

The complete guide to Blood Brothers!