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Guide to Boomtime Baseball for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Boomtime Baseball is an old-timey looking baseball game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. The graphics are designed to look like one of those old sepia toned pictures, and even the dialogue in the game is designed to sound like old fashioned American dialogue, to a degree. The goal is to hit the ball on target, either into the bullseye or over the fence depending on which game mode that you pick. Then, take your winnings, buy prizes, play at Al’s Casino and do it all over again. Read on for some tips and tricks for Boomtime Baseball!

Batting is tough to figure out how to do early on, but once you actually know the technique to hit the ball, it will be the easiest thing you have ever done. You know when your character is at bat when that blue smudge pops up over the home plate area? Tap on the blue smudge to pull it back. Then a power and direction indicator will pop up allowing you to aim the ball wheever you want it. Drag it back, and then side to side, figure out where you want it to go, and then send it off.

Let go of the screen and swing the bat before the yellow circle (the one that is created when the pitcher throws the ball toward the plate) becomes the size of the blue circle (the one that is created when you go up to bat, and stays there until you swing the bat). If you swing too late, you’ll execute a late hit and the ball will either be a foul ball or a weak grounder, or even worse, a strike, none of which do you any good.

Learn the style of batting in batting practice before you waste any chips taking a spin in Al’s Casino. Al’s Casino still requires you to know what you are doing in terms of hitting, so don’t go in until you’ve practiced putting the ball on target a couple of times Once you do go in, pull the blue smudge back and you can aim the ball at any of the three cards. It doesn’t matter which one you aim it at as the prize is completely random.

When playing the bullseye game, the more outs that you use up, the higher the score that each successful hit is worth due to the target being farther away, so if you are good enough to consistently hit the target at a distance, intentionally swing and miss on the first 6 pitches of the game in order to make the bullseye go backwards and run up the score MUCH more quickly.