Guide to Bubble Atlantis for Facebook: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

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Bubble Atlantis is a brand new Facebook game by MindJolt that puts a new spin on the bubble shooting game genre that has gotten many addicted and has won much popularity. This particular iteration of the genre allows you to progress through levels, earn one, two or three stars depending on how many points you have scored, or compete against your friends to see who scores the most points at each level. You can even buy power ups and earn new lives to help you play again when you run out. Read on for tips and tricks.

Like many bubble shooting games, bubbles in Bubble Atlantis hang from the top of the stage, so the lower bubbles are actually hanging from the higher bubbles. Because of this, your focus should be to knock out the top bubbles that the other bubbles are hanging off of. If you successfully knock off huge groups of bubbles because you knock off one that the bubbles are hanging off of, you will easily rack up a gigantic score, and you’ll be more likely to hit three stars.

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If there is a stage you really, really need to beat and you need power ups for it, but you’re out of gold for power ups, don’t use your last power up on that particular stage. Go back and play some easy stages that you know you can beat, especially ones that earn you large amounts of stars. Do this over and over to earn gold, because if you beat a stage, you don’t lose a life for playing it. You can get anywhere from 50 gold to 150 gold for beating a stage (150 gold is for getting a three-star score on any stage, no matter how many times you have played it).

If you don’t like the ball that you have, press the space bar and the ball will be switched with the ball that normally would have come after it. Do this if you don’t have any combo shots with the ball that’s currently in your cannon, but you do have combo shots with the next ball that would be in your cannon. Hitting the space bar again switches them back.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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