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Guide to Bubble Mania for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Bubble Mania is a fun bubble shooting game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Your goal is to make your way through various stages, popping groups of three or more of the same colored bubbles, rescuing characters who are trapped inside of various bubbles. You also get various power ups along the way to help you beat the stages. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bubble Mania.

To knock off bubbles the fastest, for the highest point total, rather than trying to knock off whole rows of bubbles from the bottom up, try to cut a line up one side, up to the top of the stage, by popping the necessary bubbles to do so. Then, once you can do that, carom a few well placed shots off of the wall, if need be, to start popping lines of bubbles that are ABOVE the chunk of left over bubbles. Try to pop the line all the way across, and you can end up dropping the entire chunk of bubbles that was attached to it.

Don’t take out bubbles that don’t have anything to do with rescuing the animals in the stage. The stage is over when you rescue all of the animals, so you can leave behind as many bubbles as you want as long as you rescue all of the animals. The quicker that you finish the stage, the more left over bubbles you have, and they all get turned into points, which sends your score (and thus your star total for the stage) higher and higher.

Play old stages over and over again if you run out of coins and you need to rack up more coins in order to beat new stages that you are having trouble with. Then use all of the power ups that you can on the tough stages.

However, sometimes, the best way to beat a tougher stage is simply to restart the stage. Often, when you do this, there will be larger groups of the same colored bubble, making it much easier to take out the big chunks that you need to take out in order to work your way up the stage.