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Guide to Candy Crush Saga for Facebook and iOS (part 2): More tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Candy Crush Saga game guide! Click here to go back to part 1 of the guide.

When you are doing a round where you have to get the ingredients to fall to the bottom, then use the special pieces as early as possible, but only if they are in a position where they can help the ingredients fall to the bottom. For example, if a striped vertical candy is above or below an ingredient, use it immediately because it will cause the ingredient to fall to the bottom. Try to mix horizontal striped candies with another special candy to maximize its effect, especially with a second striped candy.

This works well on jelly stages, too. Mix two wrapped candies together, if possible, or get one wrapped candy close to candies that are trapped in obscure spaces, so that you can cause an explosion and clear them out easily. Use a horizontal or vertical striped candy that is lined up with said piece to clear it out as well. This is much easier than trying to concentrate only on the piece.

When you’re on jelly stages where you can’t even get through the jelly until you create a combo next to it, this is where you should use the special candies as early as possible. Do both that, and concentrate on trying to make combos that are next to the impenetrable jelly. Once you penetrate the jelly (explode a combo next to it), it will turn into regular jelly and your pieces will fall inside of it, making it easier to clear the jelly out of the way.

No matter which stage you are on, when you get the black piece of sparkly candy (the one that kind of looks like a disco ball that you get from making a combo of 5 in a row), use it on whichever color piece is the most common one on the board, that way you have a better shot at making more and more combos, and no matter what stage you are on, winning more easily.