Guide to Candy Crush Saga for Facebook and iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game by Facebook gaming powerhouse, the company behind the smash hit Bubble Witch Saga, which somehow has become the biggest non-Zynga hit on Facebook. Candy Crush Saga is now the biggest Facebook and iOS game, so much so that it’s even made an appearance in PSY’s “Gentleman” music video! This game takes you on a trek through a level board reminiscent of a Candy Land board, with all different kinds of levels with different goals, such as passing a certain point total, destroying the jelly, or getting all of the ingredients to the bottom of the screen. It’s your classic “match three” game with a twist, in other words. It can get a little bit tough, so the following tips and tricks should help you out when it does.

Every time that you lose a life, if you have people on your friends’ list who also play this game, and their name is up next to the score of a stage, hit the button next to their name that looks like a heart with an envelope inside it. This button will send them a life, and when you do that, they will be prompted to send one back. Do this and collect lives, even if you aren’t really losing all that often.

Don’t be in a big hurry to get rid of your striped candies or other bonus candies. Only use them if you would get a big edge on the stage by doing so (for example, in the jelly stages) or if you have two to combine together (especially the wrapped candy and the striped candy, which combine into the big candy). Otherwise, save them for the end of the stage, so that they can all blow up in unison before the leftover moves even do their dirty work.

When you are doing a jelly round and you have a stage with an odd shape, where pieces can get stuck in the sides and trap you, concentrate on those pieces first. The earlier you start to focus on the toughest pieces, the less trouble you will get yourself into later on.

When they give you the various boosts for free in the tutorial, opt out of them as soon as possible. Sure, you got them for free, but there is absolutely no reason to waste a boost on an easy stage. Save them for the harder stages where you will really need them.

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