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Guide to Clay Jam for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Clay Jam is the most recent in the onslaught of Zynga games that have been released for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch recently. This game is done entirely in claymation, just like the old Clay Fighter games from way back when. You play as a blob of clay in this game, and your goal is to draw lines in the sand to direct your clay in a direction so that it hits monsters and grows (think Katamari). At the end of the stage you ram your ball of clay into Beardy the monster and knock him as far as you can go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Clay Jam!

You can only hit a monster or a hut if you are big enough to hit it. This is easy enough to figure out, as the ones that are too big for you to hit will have exclamation marks over them when you pass by them. If you see the exclamation mark over a monster or an obstacle disappear, then you are safe to hit it, and hitting it will earn you more clay.

Lead your clay ball backwards and sideways to find and hit as many monsters as you can. You can only do this so many times as there’s a red wall of clay lava behind you that will destroy you if it reaches you, but get as close to it as you can without actually hitting it in order to get the most monsters and huts that you possibly can.

Send your clay ball into big packs of monsters as often as you find them. As you start to unlock more monsters, you will very frequently come across big packs of monsters. These are very easy opportunities to earn large amounts of clay, and thus to grow larger so that you can knock Beardy farther at the end.

To complete the quests more quickly, though, send your ball on as straight of a line as possible so that you can hit Beardy a large amount of times within a short period of time. If completing the quests as quickly as possible is your goal then it doesn’t really matter how far you knock him per round, just how quickly you can finish multiple rounds.