Guide to Coco Girl for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies; how to get more rubies and win challenges

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Coco Girl is a new, fast growing Facebook game for girls. It’s a fashion simulator that includes a very large amount of mini games at the Coco Carnival, all in an effort to earn more rubies. You also create various looks for your Coco Girl character, all in an effort to earn more hearts. Your combination of hearts and rubies allows you to buy lots of stuff both at the Coco Shops and the Coco Couture Cargo. You can also sell items to other Coco Girl players at the Coco Market, as well as buy items from other Coco Girl players. Some rare items are even selling for over a million rubies to players who are either very wise money earners or are simply spending lots of real life money on rubies. Here’s a way to VERY quickly earn rubies, though, in Coco Girl.

At the Coco Carnival, when you are playing fashion slots, you can very easily get perfect scores on the Fashion Slots every time. The trick is to remember that the item that you are looking for will ALWAYS come up every seventh time. So one out of every seven items in the slots will be your item. Now that you know this, you should TIME the items so that instead of visually following the slot machine (which becomes impossible by the fourth or fifth item that you’re looking for), you can count off the number of items, hit the second one, and win it every time.

This next trick to earn rubies is so effective, it makes almost any other trick virtually worthless. Right now, the Coco Market is absolutely stacked with players who are trying to sell normal clothing items for ridiculous prices, E.G. something that used to cost 150 rubies is being sold for 3000 rubies. Take advantage of the market. Go to the Coco Shops and buy cheap items (150-300 rubies) en masse. Now, list ALL of them for sale at a fairly cheap price, but above what you paid for them (for example, a 150 ruby item for 350, or a 300 ruby item for 500) and they will sell VERY quickly. More than likely, they will all sell within a day, because they will still be some of the cheapest items in the marketplace. You’re offering cheap merchandise, but by selling so much of it, you’ll profit by thousands, or even tens of thousands, of rubies per day, depending on how many you list all at once and how many you sell all at once. There are more Coco Girl players every day, making this easier and easier to pull off by the day.

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The only items you should even try selling for a ton of rubies are the real rare ones – the ones you get from Coco Couture that are limited edition, but even then, instead of trying to go for the million ruby prize, you should sell them for roughly double what you paid for them (for example, a 3000 ruby item for 6000). They will sell faster and you can sell more of them and still make a huge profit. This trick makes it very easy to get rich, buy all of the fancy designer clothing you want, and not have to go through the tedious work that’s normally required to get rich in this game.

If you want to add friends, check out the Coco Girl Add Neighbors and Add Me List.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post them as comments!

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