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Guide to Crazy Tribes for iPhone and Android (part 2): More Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Welcome to part 2 of the Crazy Tribes strategy guide. Click here to go back to to part 1 of the guide.

After you join up with a clan, you and the clan can set up regional “clan bases”, per se, in order to take over hugely powerful bases easily, or simply to farm very powerful bases for huge quantities of resources. To coordinate troops and marching movements better, send all necessary troops over to the “headquarters base”.

Once they all get there, send everyone over at the same time, along with (a combined) 1,000 ammo if you wish to take the base, or just the troops if you merely want to steal huge quantities of resources. Then, when everyone gets back from the march, split the resources up evenly (or as agreed upon).

If you (and your clan if necessary) determine that someone is stocking a TON of ammo at their base, and you want to steal it, first, gather the necessary amount of troops to destroy their units, along with (a combined) 1,000 ammo in order to take over their base. Attack, and then take their base over, and you’ll claim all of their ammo. If this is a clan action, then divide up the ammo as agreed upon, abandon the base if you choose to, and then take all the ammo back.

As the game gets older, you will start finding abandoned bases on the map that other players used to own. You can use these for resource farming, just like the mutant bases, by sending pickups and minimal troops over, without sending any ammo. Or you can take them over really easily by sending 1,000 ammo, and keeping the built up resources as your own. This is a good trick if you don’t want to have to share anything with a clan.

If you are in a clan and want to put the little image icons in your name, but you don’t want to have to copy and paste every time, then simply go to the iPhone settings, keyboard, international keyboards, add new keyboard, and search for Emoji.

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