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Guide to Dark Blade for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Dark Blade is a sword fighting game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. You play as a dark shadow figure who is fighting against other dark shadow figures, and your goal is to complete various missions using nothing but your feet, your sword, and a whole lot of special moves. Your missions range anywhere from killing all of the enemies to systemically and strategically destroying relics and graves. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dark Blade for the iPhone!

An easy way to rack up points for the shop is to go to the Cursed Fortress stage and play it over and over. The Cursed Fortress is the first defense mode stage, meaning that you have to protect a relic from getting destroyed, and since there is only one relic in this stage, all you have to do is stand next to it and hack ‘n slash any enemy that comes at you. Since in defensive mode your score on the stage depends on how many relics are left (no matter how many hit points they have left), that makes this a very easy level.

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When a bonus stage pops up telling you that you have to use a technique a certain amount of times within the given time, do it EXACTLY as it is given. If you use the technique 3 times, for example, and there is a number 3 next to it, you will earn a free technique that you normally would have had to buy, in addition to a MASSIVE amount of bonus points.

A good, simple battle strategy is first, to go up against a group of enemies with full stamina. Mash the attack button as fast as you can. Hit the back and forth buttons for a few good back slashes and kick ‘n slashes, so that you can nail enemies on both sides easily. When stamina runs out, jump away and do mid-air dashes, until you are away from the enemy temporarily. Then hit the “charge” by holding the down button until your stamina charges, then go back and mash the attack button again.