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Guide to Dino Cap 2 HD for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Dino Cap 2 is a dinosaur-themed shoot em up for iOS. In this game you get to play as a variety of different soldiers and other warriors, and your goal is simply to complete missions that (mostly) revolve around killing dinosaurs with your gun and with your melee weapons. While this game can get extremely difficult, there are some tips and tricks to keep it from getting too crazy. Read on!

The stages that pop up on the world map are completely random, and you don’t have to play just the ones that pop up. To change the stages around, tap on the armory, bank, jigsaw or heroes buttons, and then go back to the world map, and a whole new set of missions will pop up for you to do.

To get the most coins possible out of a stage, go to either a running distance stage or a survival stage. You can theoretically kill as many dinosaurs as you want on a running stage especially – simply stay near the exit, but don’t go out of the exit or the stage will end. Keep killing dinos until you run out of ammunition (or until you’re about to die) and then leave the stage when you’re done.

To load up on ammunition, go to any stage using only the melee weapon, especially a running stage, and get through it without using any of your guns. This is much easier on running stages because you can use the rollout move (the green button) to move past packs of dinosaurs without taking damage. You always come across boxes of ammo during these kinds of missions, so simply pick up the ammo, keep on going, play another stage, do the same thing, and repeat until you’re absolutely loaded with ammo.

To save up for new heroes, use all of your money to upgrade your blunt weapon, then use that to kill dinoes without having to buy any ammo. Keep doing this over and over, saving up your money after your blunt weapon is around level 4 or 5, and you’ll fairly quickly be able to save up the cash for new heroes.