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Guide to Dino Life for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Dino Life is a new GREE title for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but unlike other GREE games, this is no card battling game. Instead, this is a Zoo game with a story, as your goal is to bring more cavemen into your village and replenish your old stash of dinosaurs and animals by breeding and buying dinos. You can even trade common dinosaurs for rare dinosaurs at the cave alien’s shop. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dino Life!

To go find new quests whenever you run out of quests to do, go to the quest tab, then hit the back button in the upper left corner and it will take you to the quest book. Look in the quest book and see if any new quests have been unlocked. If your current batch of quests is finished, then you will unlock a whole new quest book that you can use to earn rewards and figure out what to build next.

Make sure that your token income is high by simply adding more and more and more dinosaurs to your village. While it can be annoying to do, it’s the number one way to make sure that you’re always earning tokens, and by the time you get 15 or 20 dinosaurs (even if they are repeats) in your village, your income will be high enough that it won’t really matter much whether or not you have a wide variety of them, except for questing purposes.

Of course, if you are the type that only plays once or twice a day, buy the dinosaurs that take you longer to earn you more coins (such as the sloth), but if you are the kind who plays multiple times per hour, then buy other dinosaurs such as the triceratops which earn you less coins but allow you to collect much more frequently.

Earn more wood and rocks more quickly for upgrades that you need for your quests by clearing out the fast-finishing rocks and grass (the smallest, lightest rocks and grass) right away. Start clearing out the thick, heavy, dense rocks and trees only when you know that you are about to put the game down for awhile, so that they have time to finish before you get back.