Guide to Dirty Dancing for Facebook: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints, and strategies

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Dirty Dancing is a Facebook game based off of the classic movie of the same name, by Social Gaming Universe. In this game your goal is to rebuild the Kellerman Resort by building buildings that can house new guests, spreading the “love” with “romance waves” trying to get every guest to get with someone and become a couple, make money by having more guests and generally turn the Kellerman Resort back into its old, popular self. If you’re having trouble or if some of the game’s glitches are getting to you, here are some tips to improve your gaming experience and to gain levels more quickly on Dirty Dancing.

Don’t use any of your romance waves until you absolutely maximize the number of guests in your resort by clicking on all of the cars. Once you have no more cars to click or no more spaces to fill, then you should use your first romance waves. Using romance waves without enough guests in your resort to maximize the impact of the waves, or without enough decorations (especially decorative bells) to maximize the impact of your romance waves.

Decorative Bells are on page 2 of your Decorations page, and they make your romance waves go MUCH farther. They only cost 450 coins to build, and they reflect your romance raves to a 3.5 tile area. Take advantage of this by building a bunch of them within range of each other, so that their wave reflections will reflect off of each other, and if you chain enough of them together, you can cover the entire resort area with just one romance wave, or you can add multiple hearts to the guests’ heart meters with just one wave that’s been reflected multiple times. This is a good way to gain experience levels VERY quickly.

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The best way to coin farm is to go to your “attractions” list and buy a bunch of mimes. The mime costs 350 coins, takes 30 seconds to collect from and earns you 6 coins each time you collect. 6 coins 30 seconds for an hour equals out to 720 coins, meaning you’ll double your investment in a mere hour. Build a ton of them and simply coin farm them so that you can get the money needed to build more lodges for more guests.

An easy way to get coins: When you complete missions involving building certain decorations or attractions, but you don’t want to keep attractions or decorations anymore that you have to build for the quests, you can simply sell them. After you complete missions involving building decorations, sell what you no longer need and you’ll make back half of the money that you spend on buying it originally, AND you will keep the bonus money that you got originally for building it. This also frees up space, which is precious and limited, for you to build other things that you DO want, such as lodges, mimes and decorative bells.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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