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Guide to Dragon Lords for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Dragon Lords, also known as DragonLords, is a fun iPhone and iPod Touch MMO strategy game. It has a play system unlike any other in its genre; otherwise, it’s a game that fans of Kingdoms of Camelot – Battle of the North, and Lords & Knights will enjoy. The main difference in this game is that instead of time passing, you go in “turns”, and you are able to choose when a turn is over. Read on for some tips and tricks for Dragon Lords!

BEFORE you end any one of your turns, don’t put any of your money into anything other than buying land. First, go to the Kingdom area, then go to the Castle tab and start buying all of the land that you can afford. If you run out of money, go to the explore and study area under the Champion tab and use your Spirit points on those.

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The reason for buying extra Castle land is that the more castle land you buy, the more people you will gain from each turn (since after each turn, more people move into your kingdom).

Put the new unemployed residents disproportionately into Merchant work, because as merchants, they will earn you even more gold each time your turn ends. Use that extra gold to buy as much land as possible (and then upgrade your Castle when you max out your land), which allows you to add even more people, which allows you to hire more merchants and get more gold, etc. It’s a cycle of very early progress. Using this, later on you can build up a MASSIVE army and a massive amount of people to gain resources for you.

When you need to shift people around from job to job in order to build up resources or bolster your army, remove people from the jobs that you previously trained them for by putting in the number that you want to remove next to the job and clicking the “remove” tab. They will go back to being unemployed, and you will be able to put them back into new jobs.

Hiram Rezac

Sunday 28th of June 2020