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Guide to Draw Something: Tips, cheats and strategies

Draw Something is a smash hit game for the iPhone, Android and Facebook that plays out like a cross between Pictionary and Words With Friends. The whole point of Draw Something is to literally draw something, and then have the person that you are playing with try to guess it. If the person who is guessing words guesses what the drawing is, then you will both earn coins. You’ll earn between one and three coins depending on if the words was easy, medium or hard. While it doesn’t seem like a game that there would even be actual cheats for, there are some real live cheats that don’t require any downloads or anything other than the game itself. Read on to figure out what those cheats are, as well as a few more strategies.

When it is your turn to pick what word you want to draw, you will be given one easy word, one medium word, and one hard word. Sometimes, though, you won’t want to even use any of them, but there is a way to get new words without using one of your bombs. To get new words, simply close out of the game. Then open the game back up and you will have a new list of words to pick from. Repeat this as many times as you like until you finally find a word or two that you like.

A similar trick works when you are actually playing the game. If you absolutely can’t figure out what it is that your opponent drew, close out of the game while you’re in the game with them. Then, reopen the game and go back to their screen. You’ll have a new selection of letters, but the letters that were originally part of the answer will stay there. Pay attention both times to what letters are there, and you can use that to figure out the word.

If your drawings suck but you want to make them look better, simply pick up something that can be used as a stylus and start using that to draw. It can be anything, from a pen to a pencil to a baby thermometer. Just be careful not to damage your screen.