Guide to Dream PetHouse: tips, cheats and strategies

Dream PetHouse is Zynga’s latest entry into the cute pet adoption and zoo genres, and is the latest game in the Dream series of Zynga games for mobile devices, following Dream Zoo and coinciding with Dream Heights. Dream PetHouse is available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch. You can adopt pets, feed and play with them, start little businesses, and build bridges from house to house so that they can visit each other. All of their houses and businesses are inside a giant treehouse and you can expand the tree to make room for even more of them! Read on for tips and tricks for Dream PetHouse.

See that chipmunk at the bottom of your tree, inside the trunk? Keep clicking him. Often he has some very helPful hints that can speed up the game or make things easier. For example, a good way to collect all of your fruit at the game time is to shake your iPhone, which makes all of the fruit fall from the tree.

Try to use your food on the higher paying animals first, such as the kitten or the penguin. The more years they grow and the more pets you adopt for them, the more money you can make off of them. Also once you adopt the maximum amount of pets for a particular pet, you can simply build another, identical pet house and start the process all over again.

The easiest way to make money and to earn experience is to build as many kitten and penguin enclosures as you can afford . They both pay lots of money, so even if one is still at level one, you can always buy yet another one. You will easily make enough money to expand so that you can fit even more of them. Use a bunch of baby animals to make money!

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