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Guide to Eternity Warriors II for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Eternity Warriors II is a new third person Gauntlet style action RPG by Glu Games. In this game you play as a roided-out warrior who swings axes, clubs, and other melee weapons with both arms, and your goal is to make your way through zombie- and monster-infested labyrinths, killing the bosses, collecting coins and items and upgrading your weapons the whole way through. Read on for some tips and tricks for Eternity Warriors II!

To rack up the biggest combos that you can, when a bunch of zombies pop up, run around in circles around them, but out of range of their weapons, so they don’t smash you while you’re doing this. When they’re closer together, run into them and hold the attack button to slaughter them in rapid succession, racking up huge combos and avoiding unnecessary damage in the process.

When it comes time to upgrade skills, ignore the attack power upgrades and work on the parrying upgrades first, to make it easier to beat bosses and big zombies. Smaller zombies are already easy enough to beat.

For bigger bosses and zombies, first, kill all of the little zombies that around around them. Then, wait for the boss to attack, and parry at the exact right time so that you block the attack and attack back. Keep repeating this, and even though it’s a slow process, you can beat a boss without taking any damage to your character if you do it right.

To load up on coins, go back to stages that you have previously played, especially ones that were relatively easy to beat (or would be easy to beat now, due to upgrades to your weapons and levels) and play them over again, destroying every jar and barrel that you come across to make sure that you get the bonus coins from those, too.