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Guide to FarmVille 2 for Facebook: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Finally, after a VERY long wait and endless expansions to the original FarmVille, Zynga has come out with the sequel to the most iconic social game of all time. FarmVille 2 is a 3D, reimagined game based on the original, complete with a storyline to boot, added crafting elements and an increased social element. You start off with a tiny little farm surrounded by old, overgrown farmland with hidden treasures underneath. Can you discover it all? Read on for some tips and tricks for FarmVille 2 for Facebook!

Some crops take forever to grow, and some trees and animals take forever to be ready to harvest from, but when you gain an experience level, every single crop, building, tree and animal will be ready to harvest from (although the trees and crops have to be watered first). Take advantage of this. When you get close to a level-up, load up farm plots with long-term crops such as wheat, or even better, even longer-term crops.

Buy more trees as well and water them, load up on animals, and get whatever it is that you need. Then, start planting a bunch of tomatoes or blueberries in your other farm plots, watering them (which earns you exp), harvesting them (which earns you exp), turning them into feed, feeding the chickens (which earns you exp), until you grind your way to that experience level you have been trying to get. Once you gain that level, they will ALL be ready to harvest.

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This trick makes it MUCH easier and quicker to finish certain quests without having to wait forever to be ready for long-term crops to finish (or without wasting premium items on them).

To plant, water, and harvest faster, instead of clicking every crop that you want to plant/water/harvest individually, click on one of them, hold down the mouse arrow, and then drag the arrow along the entire row of crops. Each one that you drag your arrow over will be fed.

Thq quickest way to get more feed is to fill your entire stock of farm crops with blueberries, and then send them to the feed grinder after you harvest them. Blueberries only take 2 minutes each to grow after they’re watered, but each one that you plant earns you 2 feed points instead of just 1 feed point.

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