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Guide to Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade is the new result of a joint venture between DeNA and Square Enix. This game puts a new spin on the card battle genre that’s so popular in the iPhone world these days, giving your cards of three different categories (weapons, abilities and summon stones) and allowing you to form them into teams in order to complete quests, and to band together with your brigade and attack espers, competing against other brigades to see who can do the most damage. Read on for some tips and tricks for Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade!

Any time that you complete a good round of questing and gain a whole bunch of new cards, go to the “Equip” menu and auto-optimize all three of your teams. By doing so, you’ll automatically ensure that the best cards will be the cards that are in all three of your main parties.

Also, make sure to claim every one of the rewards you earn in the Mog Box as quickly as possible. If you don’t claim them, you will lose them 48 hours after you earn them, but if you do claim them, then a whole wealth of new cards, ethers, potions and massive loads of Gil will be yours for the taking. Also, to maximize your rewards, when you are engaged in a brigade fight, use one BP at a time rather than three, since each attack that you make (whether it’s the 1 BP or three BP attack) will earn you a wood chest.

With the huge glut of weapons that you’ll doubtless accumulate, enhance your rarest abilities and weapons first, since those are your most powerful anyways, and the ones that are the least likely to be optimized out of your party. Smart enhancing can help you do far more damage against the espers that you fight, beating the other brigades to the gold and silver chests and other good rewards.

Ability scrolls and weapon scrolls don’t do anything as far as attack power on their own, but they will increase the abilities of your other cards a LOT. Use all of them to enhance your best cards before you go after espers, and you’ll exponentially increase the damage that you do.