Guide to Fishing Strike – Top Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Fishing Strike is a new fishing RPG for the iOS and Android platforms by Netmarble. You can load up on anglers, boats, and fish in your aquarium, and use them to earn coins and gems in order to further your quest to fish all over the world, from Florida to China to Africa to Australia. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fishing Strike!

When you’re trying to catch a fish, you have multiple techniques that you can use to drain its experience points. Reeling is the main technique – you can tap to reel but watch out for the line tension. Let the tension go a bit when the fish is toward the middle of the screen, and keep the tension on when the fish is toward the edge of the screen.

Otherwise, you can swipe, and you can use your anglers’ special skills. The swipe is simple enough – just swipe as soon as possible after seeing the arrow. And when the angler’s techniques are charged, unleash them immediately. Combine these with the reeling at the right time, and you’ll catch almost any fish you come across, unless you let your upgrades to the boats and to the anglers lapse.

Once you catch a fish, you can send it to the aquarium. When they get there, they’ll grow, and when they’re at maximum growth, you can sell them for the most possible coins. For the rarer fish, though, you can sell them for gems instead, such as the great white shark that you catch during the introduction to the game. Gems are the rare currency of the game, so only the rarest fish will reward you with gems.

The fish traps will allow you to catch even more fish while you are offline. One of your best uses of gems is upgrading the bait that you use inside your fish traps. The more gems that the bait costs, the rarer the quality of fish that you’ll be able to catch with them. So as soon as you earn bonus gems (which you earn plenty of throughout the game), upgrade the bait.

Keep checking back on the quest list. Not only can you earn a ton of coins, gems, fishing and angler licenses, and other goodies, but this can give you a good guide for what to do next if you want to do something other than just fish the same spot again. You can get free gifts from just about anything in this game, and even though normally you have to buy gems, you can get a lot of free gems this way.