Guide to FL Commando (Front Line Commando) – Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Front Line Commando, or FL Commando for short, is a shooting game by Glu Games for the iPhone and iPod touch. The gist of the game is that you are a wartime commando, presumably in a modern war, fighting against armies in a fictional land that resembles the middle east, and your job is to use an assortment of different weapons to kill enemy fighters, hold them off until air strikes come, or to protect people who you have been assigned to rescue. You get assault rifles, standard rifles, shotguns, sniper weapons and explosive launchers to help you do the job. It can get very difficult to beat but there are some tips and tricks that could get you a lot farther in a shorter amount of time. Read on for the tips and tricks.

When you are using the sniper rifle, switch out of zoom mode in between shots. While zoom mode is the best for actually aiming, when you need to get a big picture view of the stage zoom mode will block off most of your view. When you are out of zoom mode, look for movement or for gunshots and track them. Once they are in the middle of your screen, then point in their general direction. Once you do that, then you can go to zoom mode and you should be able to find them more easily.

When you have a rocket launcher weapon, such as the Rock Slide, duck down as soon as you launch the rocket. The rocket takes awhile to get to its destination, so this buys you extra cover time while you’re waiting for the rocket to hit its target. Once you hear the rocket hit and see all of the kills that you make, then get back up and start aiming the next shot. If you’re quick enough, though, you can sometimes manage to get off another rocket even before your first rocket lands on its target.

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