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Guide to Flavor Monsters for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Flavor Monsters is a new tower defense game by Truth Gaming, which is the new gaming subsidiary of America’s anti-tobacco lobby. Yes, it’s a weird combination, but it makes for a ridiculously hard, frustrating game that, ironically, can make you want to smoke a cigarette after you’re done. Ha. Either way, this is a massively difficult game, so read on for some tips and tricks so you can actually get somewhere in the game!

When you begin the game, your only weapon is the plasma cannon, and you can’t do anything else with it until you earn some credits after beating the stage (or buy some credits, of course). You can stop it from overheating though, with simple strategies. Just tap on the target, instead of holding your finger down, and the gun will never overheat.

When the game slows down and lags, though, you might have to go back to holding your finger down. In this case, hold your finger down for about half a second to a second at a time, let it up to recharge the gun, the press it back down. This will keep your weapon from overheating.

When the monsters start to crowd the screen, at times it becomes impossible to shoot almost all of them, but improve your accuracy by doing the following two things. One, pick up many of the fallen credits that you might be ignoring (do this by aiming the target at them), and the game will speed up, improving the hit detection. And second, if you have to, simply let some of the monsters who are too close to the skate park, hit it, while you’re working on shooting up the approaching monsters. Monsters get stronger as they get closer to the skate park, so sometimes you just have to let a couple hit it in order to not get overwhelmed.

When you get to the third wave, start shooting all of the quicks and fodders that you can until the honey buzzer (the boss character) shows up. Once the honey buzzer shows up, then start shooting ONLY the honey buzzer and letting the other monsters go. You’ll kill the honey buzzer RIGHT as it’s about to gunk the skate park, unless you’ve already upgraded your plasma cannon.