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Guide to Forces of War for iPhone: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Forces of War is a new spin on the Mafia Wars style concept that appeals to the patriot (or hell, just the Call of Duty fan) in all of us. This one puts you in the shoes of your choice country’s military, and your goal is to complete missions all the way from boot camp to actual real life wars, but it’s done in the common Browser-RPG style of play. In addition, you can fight against other players and their squads (your own country or other countries), form alliances and whatnot. Read on for some tips and tricks!

Building up your alliances is one of the keys to powering up your play, but unlike a lot of games, this game doesn’t let you just add random people. You have to actually add someone’s ID. To get around this, go to “My Allies” and copy your invite code.

Then, go to the Battle tab on the bottom of the screen, to find some random character and instead of tapping on a battle button, tap on their name or flag. This will open up their profile. Go to the bottom of their profile and leave a comment saying something like “add me” with your invite code. This is a good way to get people to add you, since everybody typically wants allies.

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Keep your weapons up to date, or else your luck is going to suffer in battles. To make sure that you rack up enough money for weapons, go to the “bases” tab and spend all of your money on land early on. Buy only one small complex (since it’s required) but buy as many supply depots and collection outposts as possible. Rack up the money, then go spend it on weapons and armor.

If leveling quickly is your goal, then each time that you level up, take all of your upgrade points and add them to your energy, in order to guarantee that you will be able to quickly keep doing missions without running out of energy, and leveling up quickly.

Alternatively, holding off on the leveling up, instead building up your income using the bases and upgrading your stash of weapons and vehicles, will ensure that you win a LOT of battles, since you’re matched up against whoever you fight by levels, not by attack and defense.