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Guide to Forest Guardians for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Forest Guardians is a new tower defense game with a twist for the iPhone and iPad. In this game, your goal is to protect seeds and seedlings by building a bunch of nature themed towers, which fire shots at ground and flying enemies in order to stop them. It starts off real easy, but very quickly, it gets tough, and a little bit difficult to figure out. Read on for some tips and tricks to make it a little bit easier!

When considering which ecos to level up for your towers, it helps to know what each of the colors do, and in this game, none of the colors have any kind of “element” to them. Each one has its own special effect. A red eco has a chance of landing a critical hit. Orange ecos do burn damage to the enemy, which means that damage continues even after the enemy has been hit already. The yellow eco increases the range of the tower that you put it on.

The green eco charges up in between attacks, so that after charging and then firing an attack, it unleashes a much more powerful shot. A light blue eco has a chance at freezing an enemy, keeping them in range of the tower for a longer period of time. Dark blue ecos can lower the armor of an armored enemy, causing each successive attack to do more damage. A purple eco will slow down an enemy’s movement.

Combine certain towers with certain ecos for maximum effect. For example, flower towers and grass towers can damage multiple enemies at the same time, so they are best paired up with light blue ecos and violet ecos in order to freeze multiple enemies in their range, making it an easy kill, along with yellow or dark blue ecos as needed to do more damage to a larger range.

The more ecos you put on one tower, the more damage you can do, so your best bet is, rather than using multiple towers with no or one ecos each, to use one (or two) towers with multiple ecos per tower.