Guide to ForestVille by Zynga for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

ForestVille is the latest in the long line of very successful Ville games by Zynga, but it’s a totally different type of Ville game. Other games in the Ville series of games were originally designed for Facebook. ForestVille is the second Ville game to be released for iOS, after CityVille Hometown, but it is the first entirely new and original Ville game to come out for iOS and not to be a spinoff of a previous Facebook based Ville game. It plays similarly to CastleVille and CityVille, though, so the gameplay will be familiar to fans of Zynga’s previous Facebook games. Read on for tips and tricks to help you grow your little forest town into a big bustling city!

Sometimes money can be hard to come by in ForestVille. Often when you want to continue expanding your borders, building your population, or building landmarks, money turns out to be an obstacle. However, an easy way to make some quick money is to sell all of the rivers in your forest. To do this click on the moving tool, and then click on a square of water. You will see an icon that looks like a cash register. Click it and you will be offered ten coins to sell one square of water. Sell all of your water and you will end up with hundreds of extra coins.

Use this trick to fit more buildings, roads and decorations into less land area as well. Sell all of your water and you will have far more space to build new stuff in your forest, because you won’t have water getting in your way.

Another trick to make money is to take advantage of decorations that give you bonus money when you place them near a business. First designate a blank square to move businesses to. Remember where this is. Then, surround the imaginary blank square with decorations that earn you a bonus. Red mushrooms are your cheapest bet. Now, each time a business is ready to be collected from, move it over there into the blank square and collect from it, and then move it back. Get maximum bonus points with less decorations this way.