Guide to Fruit Ninja Frenzy for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

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Fruit Ninja Frenzy is the Facebook debut for Fruit Ninja, and like the iPhone version of the game, this one is very simple and addicting. The basic goal of the game is simply to slice a bunch of fruit in half that fly up your screen. Each fruit that you slice in half (for the most part) earns you 1 point, and at the end of the timed game, you get bonus points for various achievements that you have pulled off throughout the game. Your goal is to beat your neighbors and be the number one fruit ninja and with these tips and tricks, you can do just that!

The way that you slice fruit in Fruit Ninja is simply to hold down your mouse arrow and drag your mouse across the game screen. If you are playing Fruit Ninja using a laptop, don’t even try to play with just one hand unless you have an auxiliary mouse. If you have a touch pad or a track ball, you need to use other means. A much easier way to play is to use one hand to hold down the appropriate mouse button and the other hand to move the mouse arrow around.

There are a ton of achievements in the game that you can earn depending upon various things you do, but there are some that I can tell you how to earn right now. Earn “Bomb Lover” by hitting at least 3 bombs to earn 50 points. Make sure your final score is a multiple of 100 to earn 40 bonus points. Make sure your final score is a triple digit number with the same three digits (for example, 111) for 50 bonus points. Hit only one type of banana to earn an extra 30 points. By combining these together and hitting massive amounts of bonus points, you can rack your score up to higher than you ever thought possible. Try all kinds of different things – for example, hit only one kind of fruit, or avoid one kind of fruit, or hit the biggest combos possible – in order to get new achievements.

Bombs take away 10 points when you hit them, but especially avoid them after you hit a double-points banana – after you do that, they then take away 20 points for hitting them.

That’s all for now? More tips? Post as comments!

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