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Guide to Fun Run for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Fun Run is a side scrolling racing game for the iPhone and for other iOS devices, such as the iPod Touch. In this game, the premise is simple. You start a game, and you race against at least three other players, and whoever gets to first place wins coins and bragging rights. Whoever gets to second or third place wins less coins and less bragging rights. There are a ton of items that you can collect, and as you collect them, you can use them to slow down the other racers, thereby making you finish stronger. Read on for some tips and tricks for Fun Run!

Make sure to try and use your power ups as quickly as possible. You can only hold up to one power up at a time in this game, and as soon as you hit another question box, your power up is overtaken by another power up, so you might as well use it when you can and get yourself as much of an advantage as possible.

No matter where you are when you use your power up, you are sure to hit somebody or affect somebody using your power up. The exceptions would be things like the block, which, if you are in last place when you drop it, it will do absolutely nothing. However, when you drop it and you are ahead, it can block someone from advancing, especially if you drop it in the middle of a big vertical jump.

Make sure to jump at each cliff and/or jump that you come across, preferably before you get to that jump. If you jump early, then there’s a chance you could clear the jump before you even see it, and thus will end up moving through the stage much more quickly than the competition will. And since the stages are completely randomized, you will not have to worry about your competitors memorizing any of the stages.

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