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Guide to Future War Free for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Future War Free is a MMO strategy game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch as well as for other iOS devices. This game plays similarly to Arms Cartel and other mafia style games such as Mafia Wars, except with the gameplay transferred to a space setting reminiscent of such games as Galaxy Empire. Your goal in this game is to complete various missions in order to further your spot in the war, win battles against other commanders, and cement your spot as the number one commander in the galaxy. Read on for some more tips for Future War Free!

The key to winning the battles is having the most powerful units, so don’t skimp when it comes to buying more units with your money. One of the best units that you can buy is the Mortar Unit, which costs 50,000 and has 33 attack and 18 defense. Do missions until you get enough money to buy multiples of these, buy them, and then watch your battles turn into almost perpetual wins.

Adding allies can be done by typing in their ally code. One of the top ways to do this is to go to the app store, look under the page with the reviews and start finding codes in there (or post in the comments here), but another way to do this is to go to the battles section and start searching for ally codes, then adding them manually in the allies tab. This can earn you allies at a quick pace.

Once you get to level 7 start buying income buildings so that you have a permanent source of income. Income from missions alone is not enough especially when you do not play on a regular basis, so use this as a supplement to that.

When you gain levels, try to use most of your skill points on energy and defense. Energy is important because the higher your max energy, the more missions you can play in a row, allowing you to buy better troops for attack and defense and to level up even more quickly.