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Guide to Garfield Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders – Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Garfield Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders is a new “tower defense game”, of sorts, for the iPhone, iPad and Android OS Platforms. You play as Garfield (of course), and food aliens are attacking your fridge, so your goal is to defend against these food invaders, stopping them from attacking the fridge and stealing the food. You can call on old Garfield friends such as Sheldon and Nermal to defend as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Garfield Defense: Attack of the Food Invaders!

One trick in this game will help you very easily beat enemies using nobody but Garfield. The trick is to, as soon as Garfield attacks, tap either to his left or to his right. It doesn’t matter whether you use a projectile attack (throwing a fork) or a melee attack (such as hitting them with the frying pan or a rolling pin). You’ll be able to launch attack MUCH more quickly this way – up to two attacks per second, as opposed to one attack every 2 seconds.

Now that you know this, try to save your cookies to upgrade Garfield and his weapon as your first priority. If the next upgrade is extremely expensive then go ahead and start using cookies on your friends, but for the most part, save them for Garfield.

When you’re using this method of attack, tap back every time until your friends get there and start attacking the enemies themselves. This way, not only are you using speed attacks, but you’re also backing away from enemies and avoiding their attacks. Once your friends arrive, though, start alternating between backward taps and forward taps, so that you essentially stay in close to the same spot, and thus are able to continue hitting enemies.

When your popcorn machine hits 30 popcorns, tap it to “upgrade” it to level 2 for the remainder of the round. When it’s upgraded to level 2, popcorn will accumulate much more quickly, allowing you to flood the level with your friends, since you can call upon them much faster.