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Guide to GT Racing Motor Academy for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

GT Racing Motor Academy is a very popular iPhone and iPod Touch racing game that lets you pick from over 100 different real life cars and race them. You can pick from such diverse cars as a BMW Z3 M Roadster, Citroens that you can’t even drive in America, and supercars such as the McLaren MP4-12C and concept models such as the Citroen Survolt. Your goal is to win races, complete driving challenges, and become the best racer out of the whole field, as well as to collect cars and update them to your liking. Read on for some tips and tricks for GT Racing Motor Academy!

The steering in this game is super sensitive, so it is important to strategize when you are taking hard turns on the various race tracks in the game. When you are taking tight turns, first, slam the brakes right before you are about to go into the turn. Get down to a speed that will be slow enough that you can take the turn tightly, but quick enough that you don’t get passed by the other racers.

Once you are turning, start to bump the accelerator pedal a little bit, so that you can steer with the throttle slightly. This helps you get through a turn quicker, as long as you don’t hit the accelerator too hard or for too long a period of time. Once the turn ends, straighten out the car and slam the accelerator, take off, and roar through the straightaways. Repeat for each turn that you go into.

Also, with the front wheel drive cars, be careful with understeer (which is when the car doesn’t turn as hard as you want it to). Rear wheel drive cars have more of a problem with oversteer (the car turns too hard and does a drift or a power slide). Either one can send you straight into the grass or into a wall, which is devastating to your chances of winning a race.