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Guide to Guardian Cross for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Guardian Cross is a new trading card game for the iOS platform by Square Enix, and to date, it stands as one of their only free-to-play games, and possibly their best iPhone game. It follows in the footsteps of other card battle games such as Rage of Bahamut and Montopia, but being that it’s Square Enix, they put a LOT of effort and money into adding top notch dialogue, incredible graphics, killer music and an actual storyline to the game. Oh, and you can even get Final Fantasy cards as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Guardian Cross!

When you are hunting for new guardians, it’s random whether you’ll get a common one or a rare one, but there are some ways to be able to determine which is which. Look at the form of the guardian (humanoid, bird, etc) for a hint. In addition, a particularly slow-moving guardian is more likely to be a rare one.

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To load up on friend points, go to the social menu, add a ton of friends, and then go to the treasure box icon to accept all of the friend point gifts for adding them. Then, wage mock battles against them. Maximize your friends when you are at a low level, so that when you level up, there’s a chance that you’ll win the mock battle, thus earning your more friend points than if you lost. Repeat as often as you like in order to maximize friend points.

Instead of spending all of your friend points on one special hunting ticket (which costs 1,500 friend points), spend them on a ton of normal hunting tickets (which costs 50 friend points each). Rare guardians can be found so frequently in the normal hunting range that you actually get more of them by buying a ton of normal hunting tickets and using them. Go to the regular ranges, keep the rare ones and use any excess common guardians that you don’t want when you’re combining cards to power up the rare ones.

During the quests, if you want to gain more experience points before you move onto the next quests, tap on a person or monster that you have already beaten in battle, and then you’ll be able to fight them again, earning you the same amount of experience points as you did the first time that you fought them.

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