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By | 20110914 is a social MMORPG that can be played both on Facebook and outside of Facebook. Like in other Facebook games you have missions to complete, areas to explore and quests to do, but unlike in other Facebook games, it’s more open-ended and you don’t necessarily have to do each mission. If you’re hitting a standstill and can’t advance farther, and you need help, read these tips.

An easy way to gain experience levels and get money in Gunshine is to stand right next to a point where enemies generate from. When an enemy attacks you, you automatically attack back, so if you do this with a weaker enemy, you can automatically gain experience levels without any risk whatsoever, and even leave open in another browser window while you do this.

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Another good way to get money and experience is to (for hunters) equip a weapon with a range of at least 24 yards. Find a gun turret and blow it away from as far away as possible and you won’t take any damage because they can’t shoot that far. You can use this trick on as high-leveled of a turret as you want to as long as you’re willing to wait for all the damage to be done. Once you do this, wait for the gun turrets to respawn and then do it all over again. Or take a taxi out of the area and back in and they will be respawned.

If you have a mob of powerful enemies in your path, lure them away individually by “kiting”. Taunt them or use a long range attack, and use a skill that slows an enemy down or stuns them, if you wish, and then run away, and drop grenades in their path as they run after you. Use this to either weaken powerful enemies or destroy them outright before they even get the chance to touch you.

Another free trick is simply to use the telephone to recruit help. It’s free and it’s unlimited, and if you have friends in Gunshine, you can do it at anytime you want.

You can make multiple characters on one account in this game, so use that to your advantage. Open different windows in different browsers (I.E. one in Firefox and one in Google Chrome) and have an attacker character in one window and a doctor character in the other window. Take them to the same place, especially a boss area. Use your attack character to fight the boss and your doctor character to heal your attacker. This is a way to beat hard bosses that you otherwise would need friends to beat, if you don’t feel like getting a group together or if nobody wants to group up with you.

If you do get a group together to fight a boss, though, have at least one doctor in that group. If you really want to ensure that nobody dies, have two doctors. It will take longer to defeat the boss, but you will take less total damage and have to use less items with two people healing at the same time. Have at least two attackers, and use your weaker attacker to get rid of any minor enemies that respawn in the area, and your stronger attacker as your main boss fighter. Have them trade off, through, so that your doctors have enough time to heal the two attackers and you can still drain the boss’s energy.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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