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Guide to Happy Squirrels for iPhone: Cheats, Tips, Tricks, Hints and Strategies

Happy Squirrels is a new time management game published by Chillingo, a company that is known for normally being more likely to publish puzzle and arcade style games, but this one is an excellent way for them to break into the genre.

Happy Squirrels puts you in control of a squirrel treehouse (or tree mall, to be more accurate), building all kinds of different rooms in it where you square-headed little buddies can shop and enjoy themselves. This game can be slow as molasses, but with these cheats you can speed it up significantly.

To speed up the building or upgrading of a room, set the time on your device ahead by the amount of time that the room needs to complete. For example, if it has 1:27 left, go set the time in your device ahead by an hour and 27 minutes, at a minimum. To do this, go to the main menu in your phone, Settings, Date and Time, and then set the time ahead. Then, go back to the game itself and your room will be complete and ready to inaugurate.

To make more money, don’t focus on trying to build all unique rooms, because many of the rooms are more expensive than they should be, and many more of the rooms have a maximum of 200 nuts at a time that they can hold. Rooms such as the Sauna and the Book Store are excellent rooms to replicate.

Use the iPhone time cheat to make a ton of money (or nuts) in the game as well. Set the time an hour or two ahead, and then go back to the game and start collecting nuts from all of the rooms. Set the game another hour or two ahead, and go and do the same thing. When you’re done, go back to the original time, and the game will go on just like normal, with no glitches.