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Guide to Hay Day for iPhone: Tips, tricks, cheats, help, glitches and strategies

Hay Day is an innovative new farming game for the iPhone – yes, that’s actually a true statement, there is an actual innovative farming game! Hay Day moves past the simple point and click (or see and tap, in the case of the iPhone) of the traditional farming games, giving a more in depth experience with much more to do than your typical sit-and-wait-for-8-hours fare of other farm games. It can get a little slow and tough to figure out at times, but read on for these tips and tricks!

When you make an order with the truck, follow him and watch the path closely that he takes. If you follow the truck driver, you’ll notice that he takes the road that exits your farm to the top left. However, when he comes back, he returns via the road to the bottom right of your farm immediately afterwards. Talk about the world’s fastest truck!

When you are selling items in your roadside stand, sell anything except eggs. Eggs (and by extension, chicken feed) are very difficult to sell there, because EVERYONE is trying to sell eggs, therefore your prices might get driven down due to the supply outstripping demand. Your best bets to sell (especially to use your free advertisement on) are other items that are created or manufactured out of a production building, such as a bag of brown sugar or a stick of butter. These in particular can easily be upsold, especially in small batches of two or three.

Another excellent item to up-sell is any kind of construction equipment, such as duct tape or screws. With items like this, you’ll often find people selling 5 or more of them at a time out of their roadside stands. For example, if someone is offering 5 duct tapes for, say, 450 coins, then buy all five of them, and then put them on sale, one at a time, in your stand for 150 each, and use your free ad on the last one you put on sale. You’ll earn a 300 coin profit in literally a span of seconds, because everyone who sees the ad for the last one will arrive at once, causing all 5 of them to sell out at once.

Hay yuo guyz!: Your free FULL guide to Hay Day for the iPhone!!