Guide to HotShot for Facebook: Tips, tricks, strategies, cheats, hints, and energy help

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HotShot is a casual Facebook game that’s a lot like pinball, minus the pins. Your goal is to shoot the ball out of the cannon at the top of the screen and knock out all of the red pegs. It’s not complicated, but it can get extremely difficult later on, especially as you use up your energy, of which you have only 4 points, and each point takes one HOUR to regenerate. Read on to find out how to advance rapidly and how to never lose any energy.

Your goal is to knock off all of the red pegs, but you also want to get the highest score possible and compete against your friends, so always keep on the lookout for the “high scoring peg”. This is a purple peg on the board, and it will be a different peg with every shot you make. When you hit it though, you not only get the high point total, but that point total is then multiplied by the total number of pegs you hit, making it possible to get MASSIVE amounts of points if you can rack up a good combo.

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If you are running out of energy (meaning you only have one or two points left), stop playing any of the new stages, as the difficulty of the new stages could cause you to be left with zero energy if you use up your last energy points if you lose. You lose no energy if you win, and you gain the same amount of experience points if you win no matter what level you beat, and whether or not you have beaten it before. So if you’re low on energy, go to an older, much easier stage that you know you can beat ( especially the very first stage in the game) and beat it over and over until you gain a level. Once you gain a level, your energy is fully restored, so you can start trying to beat the new stages again without having to worry about energy. If you run out again and get to the point where you only have one energy left, simply do this again so you don’t run out.

Replaying old, easy stages is also an excellent way to earn a lot of coins. You earn the same amount of coins no matter which stage you beat, so go back and replay old stages to rack up large amounts of coins that you can use to buy more power ups in order to beat the harder stages.

That’s all for now. More tips? Post as comments!

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