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Guide to Jaws Revenge for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Come, all ye sadistic, for Jaws has finally made his appearance on the iPhone and the iPod Touch! In this game you can eat fish, eat humans, destroy boats, and do just about anything else Jaws does, while trying to rack up points and coins so that you can buy better shark power ups, which in turn will allow you to do the same thing with even more efficiency. Read on for some tips and tricks for Jaws Revenge!

Here is something that you can do to earn a whole bunch of coins. Go to one of the endless modes (select an island or a level, and then hit the logo that looks like an “infinity” sign to get there) First, play as normal and start eating as much as you can – fish, humans, boats, whatever. Just eat as rapidly as you can so that you can make the Frenzy meter top out.

Once your frenzy meter tops out, hit Frenzy and start diving all the way down, then letting go to jump all the way up. On that jump back up, you’ll collect a whole bunch of coins that will be waiting up top, that are only within the reach of your shark when you use frenzy. DON’T use Frenzy near a Buoy, though, as coins disappear near those.

At the very top of the jump, do a quick double tap to lunge at the top of your frenzy jump, when you are collecting coins. You’ll be able to get coins twice as quickly as normal this way.

Every single upgrade that you make to your shark itself (bite upgrade, skin upgrade, frenzy upgrade, lunge upgrade, health upgrade) constitutes as one level-up for the shark. If you buy upgrade 1 of all of those, for example, you will have a level 5 shark. So the cheapest, quickest way for your shark to gain levels is simply to buy the cheapest upgrades available every time, so that you can unlock more islands besides Amity Island.