Guide to Jungle Jewels Flash for Facebook: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

By | 20110925

Jungle Jewels Flash is a spin on the popular Jungle Jewels franchise and style of game. It’s a Facebook game and has social elements such as beating your friends’ scores, but unlike many other Facebook puzzle games, you aren’t limited to a certain number of energy points before you have to wait for your energy to regenerate. You can play an unlimited amount of times, and there’s no winning or losing, there’s only people whose scores you beat and people whose scores you don’t beat. Read on and I’ll teach you how to beat the scores of everyone on your friend list.

You want to knock out the jewels as fast as possible in this game. Don’t waste too much time trying to get huge color combinations, because the small combinations of three jewels will earn you the most points when you knock a huge amount of them out in a short amount of time. When you knock jewels out quickly enough, you’ll go into “firemode”, which will cause all of your knocked-out jewel combos to explode and more than double the points you earn for each combo. So knock out combos as fast as you can so you can get into firemode as fast as you can and as often as you can, and your point total will skyrocket.

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When you buy the “color swirl”, wait to use it until a couple of things happen. First, knock out a combination of 5 blocks. This will cause a color multiplier to appear that is the same color as the combo of 5. Next, knock out as many short combinations as possible in order to make your board go into firemode. Finally, use the color swirl to knock out every block that’s the same color as your multiplier. The entire color swirl will earn you 2x the points as it normally would, and all of your collateral damage (normally there’s a LOT of it with a color swirl) will explode due to the firemode, and that will all be 2x as well. Use this to get an easy 100,000+ score.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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