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Guide to Kartrider Pit for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategies

Kartrider Pit is a new time management game based on the popular racing MMO Kartrider. It’s a lot like Diner Dash, except you are working as the pit crew, trying to wash karts, service them, and change their oil as quickly as possible before the drivers get angry and speed off without paying you any money for it. Read on for some tips and tricks for Kartrider Pit!

Since you start off with 30 Kart Credits, the first thing you should do is spend all of them to purchase Uni when you are in between stages. Uni costs 30 Kart Credits, and Bazzi costs only 10, but Bazzi is so painfully slow that later on in the game, he will actually slow you down rather than speed you up. Don’t bother with Bazzi at all, unless you have plenty of money to upgrade him to where he’s actually worthwhile.

Once you get to the main game itself, ignore the “1x” mode and start off playing in 2x. 1x is very easy, but 2x gives you 20% more coins per round, which makes it a far quicker job to make the next level. After you are confident at achieving 100 percent happiness on 2x every time (I.E. no pissed off customers), then start going to 4x.

Unless you are really good at the game, start playing 4x only when you have at least two extra cards unlocked (with Bazzi preferably not being one of them), and when you have unlocked the second Kart rinse and the second Kart servicing station (the AKA: the blue one and the yellow one). It is normal to have one or two unhappy customers, but the speed at which you can earn money using this round makes it a very quick job to make it to the next level.

Go to lottery mode and start playing it with the 10 free lottery tokens that you get to begin the game. Within those 10 times, the chances are extremely good that you will earn extra kart credits, with which you can unlock yet another card.