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Guide to Beat The Boss 2 for iOS: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Beat the Boss 2 is a new smash hit sequel for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The original game, Beat the Boss, was a big hit, and this one takes everything that made the first game good and makes it even better. The goal is, like in the original game, to beat the hell out of the mean boss of your office using as many weapons as you can get your hands on, from the deadly (AK-47) to the whimsical (Bananas and Erasers), while collecting coins and diamonds for doing so. Read on for some tips and tricks to Beat the Boss 2!

The best weapon in the game for collecting coins and for killing the boss is almost completely independent of the price of the weapon. Some cheap weapons, such as bananas, are excellent for earning more coins, while some weapons, such as molotov cocktails, are lousy for collecting coins. Also, usually, the more coins that you get per hit, the faster the weapon will kill the boss, and each time that you kill the boss you will gain experience points.

The best weapon for earning coins while exerting next to no effort, aside from the punching glove that you begin the game with, is the giant speaker that you can get for 1,500 coins, You use it simply by tapping it and waiting around while the sound waves beat the crap out of the boss and earn you coins.

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The fusion pistol, however, is possibly the fastest weapon for killing the boss that you can get. Set it so that it’s far away from the boss, on the other side of the screen. Then, tilt your phone so that the boss gets stuck in the corner (come to think of that, do that with just about any weapon you get). Then, aim the gun so that when it explodes, all four of the shots that come out of it hit the boss.

Interact with your backgrounds and figure out what you can use against the boss, or even just figure out what’s fun to play with. For example, in the class room, you can draw on the blackboard using the chalk, or you can unlock the door using the key that’s inside the file cabinet, and on the playground you can tap on the bucket in the background in order to build sand castles (this can even help you complete quests).

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