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Guide to Legend Cards for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Legend Cards is a new card battle game by Mobage for the iPhone and other iOS platforms. The main differences between this and other games of the ever-popular trading card game genre are the questing system, which is unique in that you select the locations in which to quest from a map (rather than just listed in the order in which you do them). Not only this, but you can also get cards with 9 different levels of rarity. Read on for some tips and tricks for Legend Cards!

You’ll get your first rare card when you are playing the tutorial, and the game prompts you to summon using a rare card pack. After that, you may get rare cards by other methods, such as by beating another player in a battle. Use the enhancements to sacrifice common cards, using them as the Reagent Card and using the rare card as the Base Card. You can massively increase a rare card’s stats this way, allowing you to fare much better in battles.

However, don’t start enhancing cards until you check your evolve menu and make sure that you don’t have any evolutions that you can do. If you have a base card that can be evolved, then evolve it first before you start doing the enhancements, since when you do an evolution, your base card will go back down to level one.

When you are battling, stick to those who have a lower level than you and have lower defense points than you have attack points, unless you have very highly enhanced, rare cards. If your most rare cards are nearing their max levels due to how highly enhanced they are, though, you can battle pretty much anybody and win.

If you have a lot of friends in the game, go to the trade menu and look for some who are offering rare cards in exchange for items. Save up any items that you get as bonuses for beating quests or after conducting alchemy, as these can potentially be traded for one or more rare cards.