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Guide to Legend of Kingdoms for iOS: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Legend of Kingdoms is a new cross-genre game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and other iOS systems. In this game, you do battle with other players and complete quests, but the quests are mainly so that you can do battle with other players and win. There is also a city building element, in that you build and upgrade your kingdom, and you can summon cards to power you up just like in any card battling game. The real fun, though, is in hiring mercenaries. Read on for some tips and tricks for Legend of Kingdoms!

One way to get a ton of coins in Legend of Kingdoms is to volley a mercenary back and forth with another player. Immediately after your mercenary gets hired away, hire them back, and get the other player to hire them back immediately, and so on and so forth. Each time that a mercenary gets purchased, their price will increase so you both will make more and more money.

Get other players to volley you back and forth to cause your coins to skyrocket, as well. Each time that you are hired by someone else, you get a coin bonus, which increases with every subsequent hiring, so if you can get two or three other players to volley you, you will earn a TON of coins as you go.

As far as battling goes, almost nobody concentrates on magic attack and magic defense. They usually only focus on attack and defense. Use the summon feature to search for a magic monster such as the goblin and then summon them. Also, hire mercenaries with magic attack. Not only will this make stealing VERY easy against even strong players, but this will make people hire you more easily as a mercenary as well.

Load up on level 1 buildings (barracks, manor, it doesn’t matter too much) to your HP and MP (HP for barracks and MP for manor) so that you can do far more quests and battle/steal far more often before you run out of time. In addition, your SP increases, so that others see you as a stronger player and are less likely to attack you.