Guide to Life is Crime for iPhone and Android: tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Life is Crime is a location based crime game for the iOS and Android operating systems. It plays in the same genre as such hits as Mafia Wars and Crime City, but unlike those games, Life is Crime takes your current location and turns that into your turf, taking real life businesses, institutions and establishments in your area and turning them into locations for you to take over, commit crimes and execute missions in, and attempt to become the kingpin of the area. So if you have ever wanted to take over your local bank or restaurant or airport, this is the game for you. Read on for some tips and tricks to help you make the most of this game.

In order to be able to execute missions in this game, or to drop packages, you need to be within 500 meters of the building that you want to play in. If the location shows uP on your list but you are over 500 meters away from the location, you will still be able to battle other players.

To defeat this problem, especially if you live in a small town or an area that generally doesn’t have any nearby stores, you can download a location spoofer for your phone. If you do this and run it, the game will put you at a different location, so you can try to pick a location that is closer to more stores and other institutions and complete missions.

When you are killed and you run out of hit points and thus can not do anything, normally the game prompts you to spend money at the hospital to restore all of your health back. If you have no money you might think you’re screwed. Simply wait for awhile, though, and you will have all of your energy restored automatically. This usually takes about one to two hours after you get killed.

Early on when you are playing the game, even though it can be tempting to try to fight higher level players to look like a badass, don’t do it. It will only cause you to waste stamina points on less total actions as well as for your opponent to dodge more attacks, causing you to lose money and reverse the gains you make when you land actual hits. Instead, pick on players of the same or lower level. It ensures better success to do it this way.

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