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Guide to Lords & Knights – Medieval Strategy MMO for iPhone: Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats and Strategies

Lords & Knights is a medieval battle strategy game for the iPhone and for the iPod Touch that is similar in concept to Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle For the North. In this game there are many different things to build and upgrade, alliances to join, castles to invade and supplies to raid, and you have to defend your castle against attacks from other players, as well. While it can seem tough or confusing at times, these tips and tricks should help set you in the right direction. Read on for some strategies for Lords & Knights!

Early on in the game when you start off, you have a new player protection on that protects you from your castle getting attacked and raided by other players. Use this time wisely. Your first priority should be to upgrade your lumberjack, farm, quarry and ore mine as high as you can in that period of time, as well as your wood store, your stone store, and your ore store.

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Once you do that, you will have food, stone, ore and wood overflowing your coffers, so then, go to the arsenal and start training new units in the recruitment list. Get research done at the library so that you can unlock new troops and higher upgrades to your farm. For example, research “Longbow” to unlock the Archer.

Next, go to fortifications and start upgrading that. Each upgrade you do to the fortifications will make your troops that much more powerful.

Then, finally, once you have your troops (and preferably, once they are powered up), you can go and attack other castles to raid them for supplies. Hit the “spy” button to see what kind of defenses that they have to match up against yours, but if you are attacking a “Free Castle” which you should be doing early on, then you have no need to hit “Spy” – just attack and watch the supplies roll in!

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