Guide to Lucky Space for Facebook: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints, strategies

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Lucky Space is a new outer space city-building game by A Bit Lucky. It’s very similar to – well, almost every citybuilder out there, except for a few twists. The first twist is the fact that you are building a space colony, not a city. Read on for more twists, tricks, tips, and cheats.

There’s a very quick way to gain experience in this game while you’re normally just waiting for stuff to happen, and it costs you nothing except one energy apiece. The coin and food production buildings will earn you experience points every time you restock them, and the more expensive and lucrative the building, the more experience points they will earn you, but they don’t cost you any more energy at all to do what you’re trying to do.

After all of your necessary work (completing buildings, clearing rubble) that you want to get done, that costs energy is done, do this. This requires something like a Space Bar or a Space Farm, or even better, a more expensive and lucrative building. Stock your Space Bar or your Space Farm and collect the experience points. Then, click on your Space Bar or Space Farm again and cancel the production. It costs you nothing to cancel the production, and it costs you nothing to restart production, so basically, you’re earning around 50-70 experience points per energy that you use. This is an especially good trick to use if you are close to gaining a level and you want to make it happen quickly, so that you can regain energy. Your energy bar goes back to full after you gain a level, so the more you do this, the more energy you gain.

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Make sure to line up your buildings so that you need the least amount of conduit lines per building. All of your buildings need to be connected to your pwoer plant either directly (by being planted right next to it) or by a conduit that runs directly from the plant to the buildings. Your best bet is to build conduits out in a straight line, and then build on either side of the conduit, because you can’t have any indirect connections. This still helps you work around that, though, and use space as efficiently as possible.

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