Guide to Mafia Wars 2 for Facebook and Google+: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Mafia Wars 2 is Zynga’s long awaited sequel to one of their biggest hit Facebook and Google+ games of all time. Mafia Wars 2 takes the original’s theme and carries it over, but with the most advanced graphics of any Zynga game to date and gameplay that shares similarities with the hit Funzio game Crime City. Read on for some tips and tricks for the brand new Mafia Wars game!

To make it much easier to win fights, use this little cheat. First, you need to be somewhere besides the Boneyard (or any other fighting arena) – your home turf will do for this one. Now, go to your inventory and UNEQUIP your weapons and armor (and your vehicles if you have any). When you go to the Boneyard youropponents will be randomly generated based on your attack and defense, so doing this will cause the random computer generator to fill up the Boneyard with weaker opponents. After the opponents generate, go back to yourinventory and re-equip your strongest weapons, armor, and (if applicable) vehicles again. The weak people who randomly generated will still be there, so now simply beat up every single person you see there. This is a great way to jack up your win-loss record in fights and to load up on Bone Tokens.

If you’re about to get offline for an extended period of time but you still have a ton of energy left, go to one of the places on your map (the first place that you can do this trick at is Granite Square) and find a building that has a “permanent” task on it (I.E. after you click 4 times to rob the building or whatever, the mission doesn’t go away – it simply regenerates). Go to this building and simply click it over and over and over again, completing the task over and over and regenerating energy. Do this ’til you run out ofenergy, and you’ll end up getting a TON of money and experience points out of it in very short order. You might even gain a level and regenerate your energy – in which case, you should just do it all over again.

Also, if you are about to get offline for a long period of time, you should never forget to set your workers on a long job. For example, if you’re going to work for 8 hours or going to sleep for awhile, set your worker to the drug dealer (8 hour) or personal trainer (12 hour) job. Do the longer jobs if you simply want to conserve as much energy and earn as much money as possible – and if you want to spend less resources for more money and don’t mine using time, do one of the REALLY long jobs, such as biker or female entertainer.

Ever see a naked character running around? To get a naked character, simply go to your”Inventory” list and unequip all of your clothing items.

That’s all for now! More tips? Post in the comment box!

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