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Guide to Magnus Ignis for iOS and Android: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Magnus Ignis is a new card battling game for the iPhone, iPod, Android and other iOS devices. In Magnus Ignis you play as a king who is in control of gods, heroes and monsters, and your goal is to complete quests and battle other players, while building the best deck of cards that you possibly can. The game plays much like other card battling games, except that in the battle mode, formations are key to winning. You get three rows of battle cards, with vanguard and rear guard cards, and how you organize your formations determines how many advantages you get in battle. Read on for some tips and tricks for Magnus Ignis!

One of the best ways to set your formation is, rather than to have cards in all three roads, have all of your cards crowded into two rows, while giving up the third row by putting no cards in it. Go to the Deck menu every time that you earn more attack and defense card points and auto set your formation, but then empty one of the rows and put the cards into the other two rows, and save it. You only need to win two out of three rows to win the battle, so do this to practically guarantee a win in battles.

Evolving cards is a great way to power them up; however, early on, before you get a good stock of rare cards going, if you get two of the same rare or highly rare card, resist the temptation to evolve them right away. Instead, put both of them in your deck. If autosetting your deck only sticks one (or neither) of them in there, though, then that’s when it’s time to evolve them.

As for your common cards, though, evolve them all to the maximum rank as quickly as possible. Once you evolve a good number of cards to the maximum rank, you’ll have much more of a chance at beating most of your adversaries in battle rather easily.

Save up your gems and your potions, and go to the market and use them to buy rare cards. There are a LOT of people who trade rare cards in exchange for gems, so they can be easy pickings if you have leftover potions and gems.