Guide to Mahjong Pirates for Facebook: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

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Facebook has a lot of mahjong games, and Facebook has a lot of pirate games, but until now, nobody has gone so far as to mix the two together. Mahjong Pirates is a fun game – much better than most of the others, because there’s none of that energy constraint, so you can play as much as you want. Mahjong Pirates starts off easy, and then gets difficult, really quickly, but if you want to beat your friends’ scores and gain levels as quickly as possible, or generally just want some Mahjong Pirates tips and tricks, keep reading!

There’s a very easy trick to gaining levels quickly and gaining gold coins quickly. Gaining levels is necessary to unlock new tile sets, which will earn you more points in Mahjong Pirates, and gold coins are the trick to actually buying these new tile sets.

The very first level in Mahjong Pirates, the stage called “Mirror” on Hope’s Landing, is the easiest level in any Mahjong game to date on Facebook. It has FOUR tiles, which means that there are only two matches to make. You might think that this is just a training level, but the truth is, every time you play any level and win, you gain experience points. Each time you beat this level you can earn up to 61 experience points, so just go back to this level over and over and play it over and over, and gain levels and gold coins rapidly.

Once you have that new tile set that you’ve been saving up for, go back through and replay all of the old levels you have already beaten. Not only will you earn more experience points for every level that you beat (more points leads to more experience gained), but you’ll also increase your total score by a lot (the combination of the scores for every stage you’ve beaten).

That’s all for now! More tips? Post as comments!

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